Is this the Ultimate Off-Road Motorcycle?

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Is there such thing as building the ultimate dirt bike?   Dustin Pancheri of KLIM set out to create the ultimate off-road motorcycle that could take him through all of Eastern Idaho’s terrain aboard a finely tuned 2019 KTM 300 XC. Ultimately, we’d say he did a great job!

Dustin focused on some key areas of improvement for  his KTM 300 XC including: Powerplant, Suspension, Foot Controls, and Protection which all played a key role in this finished ripper!  As you can see, he’s also dialed in head to tow with the latest KLIM Dakar riding gear.

Fastway Steering Stabilizer for KTM 300 XCStarting with Fastway Performance products, Dustin chose to smooth out the trail with an under-bar Fastway Steering Stabilizer kit.  As a result, Dustin praises the steering damper system for creating predictability in the front end of the bike when on the trail. So, what’s Under-bar mean?  It means the Steering Stabilizer is mounted under the handlebar, particularly beneficial for taller riders and those looking to mount a Trail Tech Voyager Pro GPS on top of the handlebar. The Fastway Steering Stabilizer mounting kit is a simple bolt-on installation, and adjustments can be made for tight woods to high speed desert with the quick turn of the adjusters.  Lastly, Over-bar kits are also available in both the System 3 and System 5 models. 

Comfort and Confidence:

Faswtay Evolution Air Footpegs on a KTM 300 XCWhen it comes to confidence on your toes, the Fastway Evolution Air footegs do just that. For instance, their larger footbed, ability to adjust in a standard or low position plus adjustable cleat heights help Dustin’s ergonomics and foot placement from the brake pedal. Dustin is a taller rider so he also opted for additional room using the Warp 9 adjustable brake pedal. In addition, a Rekluse Radius CX Clutch was added to save his bacon on long rides when fatigue is a factor on the tight trails. 


Fastway Disc Guard provides added protection When the trail gets tight, a Fastway Disc Guard will protect the Warp 9 Rotor and hub assembly from unwanted rock and tree root assaults. 

The Orange Fastway Linkage Guard peeks from belowIt’s hard to miss the bright orange Fastway Linkage Guard.  Dustin installed this to not only protect the shock linkage while sliding across logs and rocks, but to improve front end steering, cornering, and rear wheel traction. In addition, Linkage guards can also be used to lower seat height. In the end, Dustin found that keeping the Linkage Guard for his 2019 KTM 300 XC in our recommended default setting,  provided the most comfort and control in the Eastern Idaho trails.

Make no mistake, Dustin didn’t stop the KTM 300 XC build right there.  Building the Ultimate Dirt Bike still took additions from: Kreft Suspension with full revalve and Powerdial Powervalve adjuster, FMF Racing, SLP Head and Cylinder Mods, Technology Elevated Smart Carb, Seat Concepts seat, Trail Tech products, Nihilo Concepts accessories, Baja Designs headlight kit, and Acerbis Plastics topped with MotoFX graphics. Full details below. 

It’s fair to say, Dustin built himself a rocket for the terrain he rides. But, is it the ultimate off-road motorcycle?  Just hand it over and we’ll let you know Dustin! 😉

:: Fastway Build Items | 2019 KTM 300 XC ::

See the complete list of Fastway products for the 2019 KTM 300 XC right here.

:: Complete KTM 300 XC Build List ::

Kreft |
– Full revalve and Revalve control installation
– Powerdial Powervalve adjuster

Technology Elevated |
– Smart carb 36mm Pre-calibrated carburetor

– Head and Cylinder mods

– Gnarly Pipe and Turbinecore 2 spark arrestor silencer

Rekluse |
– Radius CX Clutch

Fastway |
– Steering Damper and Bar mount
– Adjustable Linkage guard
– Evolution Air Footpegs
– Rear Disc Guard

Warp 9 Racing |
– Wheel assemblies including hubs, spokes, rotors, and sprocket
– Break away clutch and brake lever
– Adjustable Brake pedal
– Torque sensing spoke wrench

P3 Carbon |
– Carbon Fiber skid plate and pipe guard

Baja Designs |
– Headlight kit, tail light kit and brake light switch

Trail Tech |
– Voyager Pro GPS navigation and Telemetry
– Billet Radiator guards
– Cooling fan
– Billet Kickstand

Seat Concepts |
– Race 2.0 Seat

Nihilo Concepts |
– Billet Throttle housing
– Frame Tape
– Brake and Clutch master cylinder cover
– Custom Fuel cap
– Transmission Fuel Plug
– Anodized Fork Guard Hardware

Acerbis |
– Full Plastic body kit
– Hand Guards
– Lower Fork protectors

MotoFX |
– Custom graphics kit

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