Production Lead Times

The past year has displayed unprecedented demand for our products, while we navigated a crazy COVID-era environment.  We’ve taken action to boost our production capacity including: adding a second shift, purchasing more machinery and refining our production layout. We’re currently producing more products than we ever,  but still working to place product on our shelves. 

How can I get my order quicker?

  • Many of our dealers are placing large stocking orders on a regular basis, please check with one of our Dealers, or Give us a Call, so we can help point you to the recent stocking Dealer(s).
  • Place an order on our website. While the Status may show Backorder, the sooner your order is placed, the sooner we will be making your parts. 

How long will I wait?

  • If your specific Product does not show on Backorder, it typically ship the same day or following day, as long as it’s not combined with an out of stock (Backorder) item.
  • Most items that show Backorder Status have a production time of 4-8 Weeks. 
  • Cargo Racks and Steering Stabilizers have been an 8-16 Week Production Lead Time. 
  • Evolution 4 Footpegs (22-5-005, 22-5-003) – ETA April 2021 (Stainless Steel Pegs are one of our few items we do not manufacture in-house, and our material supplier is experiencing longer lead times)  Note: We likely have 22-5-007 EVO-EXT Stainless Steel Pegs Available. 

Once your items have been shipped, you will receive an email with your tracking information so you can track your order.

Lead times are subject to change without notice.

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Join the club!
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