Two Snow Bike Products that Inspire Confidence and Safety

Reagan Sieg Snow Bike Rider Jumps with Fastway Footpegs

When it comes to having fun on your snow bike in the backcountry, experience and equipment are key. Whether it be bluebird days, or snowpocalypse adventures, each day on the snow bike breed more confidence. You learn things about your snow bike that you love, hate and the the things you want to change.  We’ve learned from our days on the slopes that creating a comfortable riding position helps to inspire confidence on the snow bike. Additionally, we’ve also learned there’s some improvements we could make to help keep you riding safer.

1. SNOventure Snow Bike Footpegs 

The SNOventure footpegs evolved from our own desire to have a better foot platform in the snow.  We found our stock footpegs feeling small under snow covered boots, especially when the snow would consume the platform creating a packed snow ball.  Call us crazy, but your feet slipping around on the footpegs, just didn’t inspire confidence. We took the proven Adventure Series footpegs and created a larger opening to prevent snowpack. The wider and longer platform creates a sure-footed stance, giving more leverage when shredding and maneuvering the trees.  Our patented cleat system allows us to use F7 Cleats for the ultimate grip.

Fastway F7 Cleats for ultimate Grip on your Foot Pegs

No Ice build-up on Fastway SNOventure footpegs

Like all Fastway Footpegs, the SNOventures also have Standard and Low Position options.  The Low Setting allows taller riders with larger feet to create a more comfortable rising position.  SNOventure Snow Bike footpegs also have a tilt setting, allowing the peg to tilt slightly inward helping the knees to tuck tighter on the bike.

Fastway Snoventure footpegs are also great for taller riders

Fastway SNOventure footpegs are Made in the USA

Fastway SNOventure Snow Bike Footpegs are made right here in Nampa, Idaho. Click here to choose your bike model and see all SNOventure pegs available.


2. Side Shooter Exhaust Nozzle

Fastway Sider Shooter Exhaust Nozzle Prevents Excessive heat on Gear

A product evolves from a near-miss… Lynn Hodges, founder and president of Pro Moto Billet is an avid Snow Bike Rider. At the beginning of the season, he spent a great day on the trail with his new KTM 450 equipped with a Timbersled Riot, but realized his auxiliary fuel tank had literally been scorched and melted from the KTM’s exhaust heat. Had the auxiliary tank been completely melted through, at minimum this would have resulted in fuel spilling, but worse it could have ended in a fire.

Auxilary Fuel Can on Snow Bike almost burns

The Fastway Side-Shooter Exhaust Nozzle deflects hot exhaust gases to the side, to prevent excessive heat onto auxiliary fuel tanks and accessory packs that are mounted to the Snow Bike tunnel. An especially great solution for Timbersled Riot owners, where the tunnel is taller and closer to the rear exhaust.

The Side Shooter Nozzle is an accessory to the Fastway Spark Arrestor kit, so the Spark Arrestor kit is required to attach the Side-Shooter Exhaust Nozzle.

Side Shooter is made right here in Nampa, Idaho of american-made mil-spec aluminum.

Get all the details about the Fastway Sider Shooter Exhaust Nozzle right here


Iconic Riders Trust Fastway Footpegs

 The Fastway brand has become synonymous with adventure, pioneering, innovation and quality. It’s no surprise that Snow bike riders like Reagan Sieg, Brock Buttars, Brock Hoyer, Cody Matechuck, Ronnie Renner, Jaya Lange, and Brett Blaser are amongst a long list of riders who depend on Fastway by Pro Moto Billet when they are creating their own tracks!

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