Fastway MINI Footpegs

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Footpegs require a Fit Kit

Footpegs: 22-4-026
Fit Kit: 22-3-5031S
Footpeg Colors


Add F7 Spike Cleats for Ultimate Grip!


Check out the brand new Fastway MINI Footpegs, specially made for young shredders in the motocross world. These footpegs are here to give you insane grip, a big platform to stand on, and keep you from getting stuck in the ruts or mud. Say goodbye to using adult-sized pegs that slow you down – these are just the right size for you!

Every footpeg is CNC machined out of tough 2024 Aluminum for maximum impact resistance, and comes with both 10mm and 12mm Traction Cleats for the perfect comfort setting. And when things get slippery, you can add the super grippy Fastway F7 Spike Cleats for next-level control.

For young riders on the rise, the Cobra 50/65, Pre-2024 KTM 50/65 and Yamaha YZ65 models offer adjustable Standard and Low Positions to fit your growing skills, plus Camber adjustment to help you ride longer and stronger. Get your hands on these game-changing footpegs and take your ride to the next level!


Compare Platform Sizes:
Fastway MINI Footpegs – 3″ Long x 2.25″ Wide (Less Dragging In the Ruts)
Fastway Evo-Air Footpegs – 3.25″ Long x 2.25″ Wide
Fastway KTM Big Bike Footpegs – 4″ Long x 2.25″ Wide

Fastway MINI Footpegs
Dimensions8.75 × 7.75 × 1.5 in
Footpeg Colors

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Fit Kit – Adventure/Air Footpegs
Weight0.15 lbs
Dimensions5.63 × 3.13 × 0.6 in
F7 Evo Air/3/4 Cleat Set
Weight0.13 lbs
Dimensions5.63 × 3.13 × 0.75 in


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Year Make Model
2015 KTM 50 SXS
2015 KTM 65 SXS
2014-2017, 2019-2020, 2022 KTM 50 SX MINI
2017-2022 HUSQVARNA TC 65
2021 GAS GAS MC50
2021 GAS GAS MC65
2014-2023 KTM 65 SX
2017-2022 HUSQVARNA TC 50
2022-2023 GAS GAS MC 65
2014-2023 KTM 50 SX
2022-2023 GAS GAS MC 50
2023-2024 GAS GAS MC-E 3
2023-2024 KTM SX-E 3
2022-2024 GAS GAS MC-E 5
2022-2024 KTM SX-E 5

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